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Enonsaari (61°1′55″N 25°35′45″E / 61.03194°N 25.59583°E / 61.03194; 25.59583Coordinates: 61°1′55″N 25°35′45″E / 61.03194°N 25.59583°E / 61.03194; 25.59583) is an island on Enonselkä Basin, Lake Vesijärvi, in Lahti of southern Finland.

The island is a quite popular tourist spot in the summer. There is summer time cottages and large 1910 built cottage called Siesta.

Also there is a fireplace, shelter, and a café.

On weekends in the summer, a small passenger ferry goes from Lahti and from Messilä to Enonsaari.[1]

In winter, Enonsaari is a quiet destination for skiers and ice-skaters.