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Enrôlés de Force (Luxembourgish: Zwangsrekrutéierten, German: Zwangsrekruten) was a Luxembourgian single-issue political party and pressure group.[1][2] It sought to represent the interests of the 12,000 people that had been conscripted into the Wehrmacht during the German occupation of Luxembourg during the Second World War.[2]

The party tried to claim compensation for those conscripted from the government of West Germany as victims of Nazi Germany.[3] Enrôlés de Force won a single seat in the Chamber of Deputies at the 1979 legislative election, having won 4.4% of the vote. In office, they lobbied for official recognition from Luxembourg's government that conscripts were victims of Nazi Germany, which was achieved on 12 June 1981: ending a thirty-year national debate.[4] The party dissolved after achieving this success, and its sole deputy joined the Christian Social People's Party.[2]

Enrôlés de Force was the second party to represent this interest, after the Popular Independent Movement, which had won two seats in the 1964 election.[5]


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