Enrico Beruschi

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Enrico Beruschi
Enrico beruschi 2008.jpg
Born (1941-09-05) 5 September 1941 (age 75)

Enrico Beruschi (born 5 September 1941 in Milan) is an Italian comedian, actor, singer and television personality.

Formerly employed in a food company, Beruschi began his career as a comedian at the Derby Club (Milan) in 1972 .[1][2] He became popular in 1977 with the RAI variety show Non Stop, in which he proposed the comedy sketches of a bumbling accountant oppressed by his wife (played by Margherita Fumero).[1] In the following years Beruschi appeared in a large number of TV shows, reaching the peak of his popularity with Drive in.[1][3] From the early 1990s he focused on theatre and standup comedy.[1]

Beruschi also recorded several comedy songs. In 1979 he entered the competition at the Sanremo Music Festival, finishing fifth with the song "Sarà Un Fiore".[3]


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