Enrico Biscotti Company

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Enrico Biscotti
Enrico Biscotti logo.png
Restaurant information
Current owner(s) Larry Lagattuta[1]
Street address 2022 Penn Avenue
City Pittsburgh
State Pennsylvania

Enrico Biscotti Company is a bakery and restaurant in Pittsburgh. The main location is in the Strip District neighborhood.[2] The main product is biscotti.[2] It was featured in the film The Bread, My Sweet, a film by Lagattuta's wife.[1] It has been featured on Food Network.[3]

Owner Larry Lagattuta founded Enrico Biscotti bakery, featuring bread and biscotti, in 1993.[1] He had previously been an account executive with Lucent Technologies.[1] A few years later, the offerings were expanded to include pizzas and cappuccino.[1] Owner Lagattuta offers an occasional class in bread baking.[3]

In 2003, a second location was opened in Shadyside neighborhood.[4][5] Unlike the original bakery/cafe, the Shadyside location is more of a restaurant.[6]

In 2010, a third location opened in Highland Park neighborhood.[7] The unintentional grand opening occurred during the February 9–10, 2010 North American blizzard, with the cafe serving as a soup kitchen for the snowed-in neighbors.[7]



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