Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power Plant (Italy)

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For the nuclear power plant in Michigan, USA, see Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station.

Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power Plant was a nuclear power plant at Trino (often referred to as ‘Trino Vercellese’, meaning ‘Trino in the Province of Vercelli’), in north-west Italy.

Consisting of one 260 megawatt pressurized water reactor (PWR), it operated from 1964 until 1990, when it was closed following the referendum of November 1987.

Closer to the power plant was also an experimental enrichment plant, EUREX, which was closed down in 1984.

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Coordinates: 45°11′02.74″N 8°16′39.20″E / 45.1840944°N 8.2775556°E / 45.1840944; 8.2775556