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Enrico Fumia (born 16 May 1948) is an Italian automobile and product designer. He is best known for his work with the car design firm Pininfarina, helping to design and package a new sports car version of the Alfa Romeo, which included front-wheel drive and traversely-mounted engines.[1] Today he runs Fumia Design Studio.[2]


  • 1966: Fumia wins a Grifo d'Oro Bertone Design competition at age 18. Also this year he is responsible for a front end design of a Siata Spring
  • 1967: Collaboration with Italian magazines Mark 3 and Autosprint.
  • 1970: Collaboration with Count Mario Revelli de Beaumont's Office.
  • 1976: Graduated Aeronautic Engineer at the Politecnico of Turin with an experimental thesis about vehicle's aerodynamics tested at the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel. Same year hired by Pininfarina - in charge of Styling and Industrial Design, Pre-engineering, Models and Prototyping manufacturing.
  • 1982: Manager at Pininfarina R&D - Models and Prototypes Development.
  • 1988: Manager at Pininfarina R&D - Design and Development.
  • 1989: Deputy General Manager at Pininfarina R&D.
  • 1991: Director of Centro Stile Lancia at Fiat Auto.
  • 1996: Director of Diversified Design at Fiat Auto.
  • 1999: Partnership with A. Sessano at Master Design Intl.
  • 2002: Fumia Design Associati - Design & Engineering Studio.
  • 2009: Fumia Design Studio - Creative Design Studio.

Notable car designs[edit]


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