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Enrico Toselli, Count of Montignoso (March 13, 1883 – January 15, 1926),[1] was an Italian pianist and composer. Born in Florence, he studied piano with Giovanni Sgambati and composition with Giuseppe Martucci and Reginaldo Grazzini. He embarked on a career as a concert pianist, playing in Italy, European capital cities, Alexandria and North America.[2]

His most popular composition is Serenata 'Rimpianto' Op.6 No.1.[2] His other works include two operettas, La cattiva Francesca (1912) and La principessa bizzarra (1913).[2]

Toselli's fame largely derives not from his musical ability but from his scandalous elopement with Archduchess Louise of Austria, the former Crown Princess of Saxony, in 1907.[2] She had previously deserted her husband, Frederick Augustus of Saxony, and they had divorced in 1903. Her ex-husband became king of Saxony in 1904.

Toselli's marriage ended in divorce in 1912.[3] They had one son, Carlo Emanuele (7 May 1908 – 1969).

Toselli's memoirs of his marriage to royalty, Mari d’altesse: 4 ans de mariage avec Louise de Toscane, ex-princesse de Saxe, were published in French after his divorce. He died of consumption in 1926 at the relatively young age of 43.


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