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Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Brin (11 August 1888 – 28 April 1970) was provisional President of Panama from June 15, 1945 to August 7, 1948. He belonged to the National Liberal Party of Panama.

Jiménez Brin was appointed private secretary of President Belisario Porras Barahona at the age of 25, deputy Minister of State, president of the National Bank of Panama and ambassador of Panama to the United States at Washington, D.C., an important post due to the authority exercised by the U. S. over Panama due to its ownership of the Panama Canal. After his ambassadorship, Jiménez served as Vice President. In June, 1945, he was appointed president of the Republic of Panama by the Constituent National Assembly and remained in office for almost four years, governing until October 1, 1948.


During his term in office, Jiménez's achievements included:

  • Tocumen International Airport was constructed
  • The Colón Free Zone was created
  • The Felix Olivares school in Chiriquí Province and Abel Bravorew school in Colón were established
  • The School of Mechanical Currency Arts was created
  • New buildings for the Artes y Oficos school were added
  • Legislation supporting education and university autonomy were written
  • Promoted commercial development, such as the university city and the Hotel El Panama (which later became the Panama Hilton)

Among his notable books are:

  • Reminicencias Politicas (Political Reminiscences)
  • For History and Memories

Significance to Panama[edit]

Political offices
Preceded by
Ricardo Alfaro
First Vice President of Panama
Succeeded by
Domingo Díaz Arosemena
Preceded by
Ricardo Adolfo de la Guardia
President of Panama
Succeeded by
Domingo Díaz Arosemena