Enrique Muiño

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Enrique Muiño
Enrique muino signed.jpg
Signed photo of Muiño, c. 1930.
Born (1881-07-05)July 5, 1881
Galicia, Spain
Died May 24, 1956(1956-05-24) (aged 74)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Enrique Muiño (July 5, 1881 in Galicia, Spain – May 24, 1956 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) was a classic Spanish/Argentine actor who appeared in film between 1913 and his death in 1956.

Born in Spain, Muiño moved to Buenos Aires and began a career in film. He made over 20 film appearances in Argentina and the United States playing lead roles in films such as the 1954 film, The Grandfather with Mecha Ortiz, and Su mejor alumno (1944) for which he won the Silver Condor Award for Best Actor at the 1945 Argentine Film Critics Association Awards.

He died in Buenos Aires, Argentina, aged 74.

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