Enrique Reig y Casanova

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Styles of
Enrique Reig y Casanova
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Reference style His Eminence
Spoken style Your Eminence
Informal style Cardinal
See Toledo

Enrique Reig y Casanova (20 January 1858 - 20 August 1927) was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and an Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain.

Enrique Reig was born in Valencia, Spain and was educated at the diocesan Seminary of Valencia. He left his studies to get married. He worked as a lawyer in Valencia. When his wife died (in 1885) he returned to the seminary.


He was ordained in 1886 in Valencia. He worked in the diocese of Almeria from 1886 until 1901 doing pastoral work and as a faculty member of its seminary as well as serving as its chancellor, and vicar general. He was transferred to the Archdiocese of Toledo where he served from 1901 until 1914 as an archdeacon and canon of the cathedral chapter and its vicar general. He was created Protonotary apostolic on 22 March 1903. He was an Auditor of Sacred Rota of Madrid in 1904 and was Rector of the University of Madrid.


He was appointed as Bishop of Barcelona on 28 March 1914 (at that time Barcelona was a simple diocese). He was later promoted to the metropolitan see of Valencia on 22 April 1920. Finally, was transferred to the metropolitan and primatial see of Toledo on 14 December 1922 (being nominated cardinal at the same time).


He was created Cardinal-Priest of San Pietro in Montorio in the consistory of 11 December 1922 by Pope Pius XI. He died while still in office in 1927.

Preceded by
Juan José Laguarda y Fenollera
Bishop of Barcelona
Succeeded by
Ramón Guillamet y Coma
Preceded by
José María Salvador y Barrera
Archbishop of Valencia
Succeeded by
Prudencio Melo y Alcalde
Preceded by
Enrique Almaraz y Santos
Archbishop of Toledo
Succeeded by
Pedro Segura y Sáenz