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Enrique Ros (born Enrique Emilio Ros y Pérez in Cienfuegos, Cuba, died April 10, 2013 in Miami, Florida) was a Miami based Cuban-American businessman and activist opposed to Cuban president Fidel Castro.[1] He is the author of Revolucion de 1933 en Cuba and other books.

Ros hosted radio shows on U.S. government station Radio Marti which broadcasts exclusively to Cuba, and is a strong advocate of retaining the United States embargo against Cuba. Ros was married to Amanda Adato (1926-2011) and they have two children Enrique Jr. "Henry" and U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen,[2] and four grandchildren: Jennifer and Katherine Ros, and Patricia and Rodrigo Lehtinen. He is also related to another Enrique Ros, who was one of officers in Cuba's elite marksman squad at the Hotel National in 1933 which held off the mutiny of the enlisted ranks led by Batista and others for several days.

Ros died on April 10, 2013 in a South Miami, Florida hospital from respiratory complications. He was 89.[3]

Books by Enrique Ros[edit]

  • Ros, Enrique 2006 El clandestinaje y la lucha armada contra castro/ The clandestinity and the arm(ed) fight against Castro (Cuba y sus Jueces) Ediciones Universal, Miami ISBN 1-59388-079-0
  • Ros, Enrique 2005 Revolucion de 1933 en Cuba Ediciones Universal, Miami ISBN 1-59388-047-2
  • Ros, Enrique 2003 Fidel Castro y El Gatillo Alegre: Sus Años Universitarios (Coleccion Cuba y Sus Jueces) Miami ISBN 1-59388-006-5
  • Ros, Enrique 2002 Ernesto Che Guevara: mito y realidad. Ediciones Universal, Miami. ISBN 0-89729-988-4
  • Ros, Enrique 1999 Aventura Africana De Fidel Castro (Coleccion Cuba y Sus Jueces) Miami ISBN 0-89729-908-6
  • Ros, Enrique 1998 Cubanos Combatiente: Peleando En Distingidos Frentes (Coleccion Cuba y Sus Jueces) Miami ISBN 0-89729-868-3
  • Ros, Enrique 1996 Años Criticos: Del Camino De La Accion Al Camino Del Entendimiento (Coleccion Cuba Y Sus Jueces) Miami ISBN 0-89729-814-4
  • Ros, Enrique 1995 De Giron a La Crisis De Los Cohetes: La Segunda Derrota (Coleccion Cuba Y Sus Jueces) Miami ISBN 0-89729-773-3
  • Ros, Enrique and Orlando Bosch 1994 Giron la verdadera historia (Coleccion Cuba y sus jueces) Miami ISBN 0-89729-738-5


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