Enriqueta González Baz

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Enriqueta González Baz y de la Vega (September 22, 1915 – December 22, 2002) was a Mexican mathematician, a founder of the Mexican Mathematical Society, and the first woman to earn a degree in mathematics in Mexico.[1][2]


After finishing secondary school, her father sent her two a two-year program in domestic studies, where one of the teachers, Elena Picazo de Murray, recognized her talent. She studied in a night school at the San Ildefonso College, earned a teaching credential at the Escuela Nacional de Maestros, and completed a bachelor's degree in mathematical and physical sciences at the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She wrote a thesis on special functions, and did additional postgraduate study at Bryn Mawr College.[2]

Career and contributions[edit]

She became a mathematics professor in the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria, as well as holding several other associated positions. Among her mathematical works, she translated Solomon Lefschetz's 1930 textbook Topology.[2]


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