Ensemble Sortisatio

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Ensemble Sortisatio
Ensemble Sortisatio.jpg
Background information
Origin Leipzig, Germany
Genres Contemporary classical
Occupation(s) Chamber ensemble
Years active 1992-present
Labels Querstand
Members Walter Klingner, oboe and cor anglais
Axel Andrae, bassoon
Matthias Sannemüller, viola
Thomas Blumenthal, guitar

Ensemble Sortisatio is a quartet (viola, oboe/cor anglais, bassoon and guitar) founded by violist Matthias Sannemüller in 1992 in Leipzig, Germany. Its members are mostly soloists at the MDR Symphony Orchestra. They have specialized in contemporary classical music.


The Ensemble Sortisatio was founded in 1992 by Matthias Sannemüller in the city of Leipzig. Sannemüller was a pupil from Hallmann and member of the Hanns Eisler New Music Group.[1]

The name comes from the Sortisatio concept and refers to the casual combination of the instruments in the ensemble. The idea came from the composer Reiner Bredemeyer.

Members of the quartet are Walter Klingner (Oboe and Cor anglais), Axel Andrae (Bassoon), Matthias Sannemüller (Viola) and Thomas Blumenthal (guitar). They are mostly soloists at the MDR Symphony Orchestra in Leipzig.

Sortisatio is today one of the most unusual ensembles in Germany.[2] It inspired many national and international composers to write for them. They have worked with Karl Ottomar Treibmann, Günter Neubert, Thomas Müller, Christian Münch, Thomas Buchholz, Steffen Schleiermacher, Thomas Christoph Heyde, Helmut Oehring, Gerd Domhardt and other German composers.

8 Pieces on Paul Klee[edit]

The Swiss/Austrian Groupe Lacroix (Marianne Schroeder, John Wolf Brennan, Jean-Luc Darbellay, Christian Henking, Michael Schneider, Michael Radanovics and Alfons Karl Zwicker) and Thüring Bräm dedicated 8 Pieces on Paul Klee to the Anniversary of the Central German Broadcasting. This composers group attended a master class with the Russian musician Edison Denisov. The work after Paul Klee was first performed by the Ensemble in Germany and Switzerland. Hong Kong composer Chan Wing-wah dedicated a trio Oriental Garden on Paul Klee in Bern & Winterthur to the Ensemble Sortisatio. Chan invited them to Hong Kong in 2009.

Ensemble Sortisatio[edit]

Sortisatios second record consists of compositions written by Michael Stöckigt, Reiner Bredemeyer, Gerd Sannemüller, Pēteris Vasks from Latvia, Thomas Böttger, Jean-Luc Darbellay from Switzerland, Helmut Bieler and Jean-Louis Petit from France.

Repertoire (Extract)[edit]

The following works were specially composed for the Ensemble Sortisatio:

Componist Work
Michael Stöckigt Aspekte zu Mozart
Reiner Bredemeyer Quartett-Stücke 7 & Leipzig ein und Leipzig
Gerd Sannemüller Drei Essays
Peteris Vasks Drei Blicke
Thomas Böttger Danse oubliee
Jean-Luc Darbellay Quartetto & Sozusagen
Helmut Bieler Szenen für Ensemble
Jean-Louis Petit Sortisatio l
Thüring Bräm Besessenes Mädchen
Michael Schneider Shark Turtle Ray
Marianne Schroeder Wie der Klee vierblättrig wurde: Quartett
John Wolf Brennan N-gl
Alfons Karl Zwicker Trauernd
Michael Radanovics Entweihte Sphinx, Die Sphinx geht
Christian Wolff In between Piece for 3 players
John Cage For 3 voices
Steffen Schleiermacher Quartett & Stockend Fließend
Antoine Beuger die Stille, die Zeichen
Karl Ottomar Treibmann Consort-Sonate & Kommen und Gehen
Christian Münch quartetto da capo
Gerd Domhardt Orpheus: Fragmente III
Helmut Oehring Lethal Injektion & dersu
Günter Neubert Triptychon
Werner Thielemann Hommage für Marc Chagall
Thomas Buchholz Fluxion 111
Helmut Bieler Szenen für Ensemble
Alfred Thomas Müller Proteus
Willi Vogl Grüne lnseln
Thomas Christoph Heyde Ansichtennetz
Péter Kőszeghy Crossover
Caspar René Hirschfeld quattro balli sorteggiati


Year Album Composer Interpreter Label
2003 8 Pieces on Paul Klee Groupe Lacroix Ensemble Sortisatio Creative Works Records
2004 Ensemble Sortisatio Reiner Bredemeyer,
Pēteris Vasks,
Jean-Louis Petit a.o.
Ensemble Sortisatio Querstand
2009 A Portrait Jean-Luc Darbellay MDR Symphony Orchestra,
Ensemble Sortisatio,
Leipziger Schlagzeugensemble,
Leipziger Hornquartett,
Fabio Luisi (dr)
Claves Records