Enshū-Gansuiji Station

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Enshū-Gansuiji Station

Enshu-Gansuiji Station.jpg
Enshū-Gansuiji Station
LocationOro 2819-3, Hamakita, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
(静岡県 浜松市浜北区於呂2819-3)
Operated byEnshū Railway
Line(s)Enshū Railway Line
Passengers (2006)428 daily

Enshū-Gansuiji Station (遠州岩水寺駅, Enshū-Gansuiji-eki) is a train station on the Enshū Railway Line in Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Station History[edit]

Enshū-Gansuiji Station was established on December 6, 1909 as Gansuiji Station (岩水寺駅, Gansuiji-eki). It was given its present name in April 1923. The station has been unmanned since 1974.



Enshū-Gansuiji Station is an unmanned station with a single island platform, connected to a small, rustic wooden station building. The station building has automated ticket machines, and automated turnstiles which accept the NicePass smart card, as well as ET Card, a magnetic card ticketing system.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Coordinates: 34°50′5.26″N 137°48′4.01″E / 34.8347944°N 137.8011139°E / 34.8347944; 137.8011139