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Ensign Bickford headquarters

The Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (formerly The Ensign-Bickford Company) was started in 1836 in Simsbury, Connecticut as a manufacturer of William Bickford's safety fuse for use in mining. Safety fuse was a great advance in mining technology over the practice of filling holes with black powder. The next step in mining technology was detonating cord. Ensign-Bickford and other companies developed different versions of detonating cord. Ensign-Bickford's "Primacord" or "primercord"[1] became the functional generic name for detonating cord in North America. In May, 2003 Ensign-Bickford sold the trademarks and processes to Dyno Nobel Inc[2] of Australia (formerly of Norway).

Dyno Nobel building in Simsbury, Connecticut


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