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Coordinates: 51°55′47″N 01°25′39″W / 51.92972°N 1.42750°W / 51.92972; -1.42750

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Enstone Aerodrome[1] is a small unlicensed[2] civilian airfield close to Enstone in Oxfordshire, which is currently used for microlights, light aircraft and motor gliders. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) designator is EGTN, and its contact radio frequency is 129.880.[1][2]

The aerodrome, 4.5 nautical miles east of Chipping Norton, has an asphalt paved main runway: 08/26, which is 1100 metres long, consisting of a tarmac surface over concrete base. There is also a parallel grass strip "south side grass" of 800 metres which can be made available to some aircraft.[1][2][3]


The aerodrome was built during World War II as a then typical triangular three runway Royal Air Force Bomber Command airfield.[4]

The aerodrome opened 15 September 1942 as RAF Enstone.[5] It started life as a satellite airfield for RAF Moreton-in-Marsh, and was used by Vickers Wellingtons of No. 21 OTU until April 1944. A detachment of Harvards and Airspeed Oxfords of 17 FTS subsequently arrived at Enstone; these departed during December 1946, and RAF Enstone eventually closed in 1947.[4]

Current use[edit]

It is currently used for general aviation (GA). The hard runway is leased by Oxfordshire Sport Flying Limited who provide flying lessons over Oxfordshire in modern motor gliders. Operational during only daylight hours after 08:00 hours (local), flying activities can only take place in accordance with PPR, or 'prior permission required'.

The Northside Grass Runway is owned and run by Enstone Airlines and is operational dawn to dusk all year round. Enstone Airlines also provide maintenance for aircraft.

Enstone Flying Club are the largest club on the airfield and are currently building a squadron of MK26B Spitfires. Enstone Sales and Services run talks of the project and tours of the facility twice a week spring to autumn. Enstone Flying club is also currently home to the Jaguar XX764 undergoing restoration.

[2] In addition to aviation activities, the aerodrome is also home to a number of industrial activities, including automotive and general engineering, and accordingly, the site is also known as Enstone Airfield Industrial Estate.[5]

It was used in 2018 as the racing track for the British motoring show by Amazon The Grand Tour (TV series)

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