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Entanet International Ltd.
Limited Company
Industry Internet
Genre Company Profile
Founded 1996[1]
Headquarters Telford, UK
Area served
UK, Europe, Worldwide
Key people
Elsa Chen (Director)
Richard Atkins (non-exec chairman)
Stephen Barclay (Sales Director)
Ian Brewer (Finance Director)
Mobeus Equity Partners
Steve Lalonde (Chief Technical Officer)[2]
Products Wholesale Internet Services
Services ADSL2+ and Fibre
Leased Line
SIP Trunking
Non-Geographic Numbers
Revenue 2014 29.8 million GBP Increase
Owner Mobeus Equity Partners Elsa Chen (Director) Stephen Barclay (Sales Director) Ian Brewer (Finance Director)
Number of employees
115 (May 2017)
Parent none
Divisions Voice
Website www.enta.net

Entanet International is a British Wholesale ISP and is a member of the Internet Service Providers Association [3]



Entanet is formed as a limited company in November after running as a separate business unit with Enta Technologies since February.


Launches a 'Virtual Pipe' solution for ISP's wanting to buy IPStream capacity without having to buy a full central from BT Wholesale[4]

Expands into Europe with PoPs in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris. Joins AMS-IX,[5] SFINX [6] and De-CIX.[7]


All broadband customers on 'MAX' products are upgraded from 'up to 2Mbit/s' to 'up to 8Mbit/s' [8]

Entanet begins to sponsor Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club [9]


Entanet is selected to take part in the test of BT's 21st Century Network, making it the only non-BT company taking part in the trial.[10]

Entanet launches a business Ethernet First Mile product in the West Midlands using LLU copper lines from Openreach [11]


Entanet launches ADSL2+ services based on BT's 21st Century Network on 15 July. Though to date this is only available via the following areas. Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Cardiff, Bristol, Preston, London North West. The remaining eleven are scheduled to be live September 2008.[12]


On 3 June, as Entagroup celebrates its twentieth year in business, its founder and CEO, Jason Tsai has been recognised for his innovation and commitment to the IT channel by being awarded the title of Channel Entrepreneur of the Year by the Comms Business Awards.[13]


Entanet launches synergi[14] partner portal website on 12 April. It provides resellers with account management and ordering, reporting processes and encourages knowledge sharing between partners and the company itself.[15]


Entanet launches 80 Mbit/s FTTC. The company also made improvements to their UK infrastructure by upgrading the capacity of its northern ring to 10 Gbit/s. They also announced a new colocation site in Slough.[16]


Entanet launch BT based unlimited broadband.[17] They also launched Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) [18]


In February, Entanet announced a significant investment in its business, with Mobeus Equity Partners making an initial £6 million investment to support the £14 million management buyout.[19]


In October, Entanet were awarded BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management accreditation [20]



Nominated for three separate ISPA awards, but didn't win any [21]

Wins CRN Channel awards "Specialist Vendor" of the year award.[22]


Nominated for five separate ISPA awards, but didn't win any. Sponsored the 'Best Portal' award. [23]

Retains CRN Channel awards "Specialist Vendor" of the year award.[24]


Nominated for five separate ISPA awards. [25] - Wins Best Consumer Email [26] and Best Internet Telephony[26]

Finalist for Specialist Vendor of the Year – CRN Channel Awards 2008. [27]


Ranked 78th in the Real Business Hot 100 [28]

Finalist in the CRN Channel Awards ‘Specialist Vendor of the Year’, Comms National Awards ‘Internet Service Provider of the Year’, Comms Business Awards ‘Hosted IP Telephony Supplier of the Year’, PCR Awards ‘Specialist Vendor of the Year’ and categorise of Best Business Fixed Broadband ISP, Best Internet Telephony and Best Business Customer Service ISP in 2010 ISPA Awards.[29]


Wins ISPA Awards ‘Best Internet Telephony’ [30]


Wins Comms National Awards for Best Channel Wholesale Service Provider[31]


Wins Comms National Awards for Best Channel ISP[32]
Won at the ISPA Awards for Best Business Fixed Broadband [33]
Entanet were awarded Channel Marketing campaign of the year at the Comms Dealer Sales Awards.[34]


Entanet's marketing team won Best Marketing Team at the Comms Dealer Sales Awards [35]


Wins Comms Business Awards - Wholesale Service Provider of the Year - large[36]
Won at CRN Sales & Marketing Awards - Best Vendor Account Management Team[37]
Won at the ISPA Awards for Best SME Broadband[38]


Wins CRN Sales & Marketing Awards - Best Vendor Marketing Team and Best Vendor Account Management Team [39]
Wins Comms Dealer Sales & Marketing Awards for Channel Marketing Team of the Year and Channel Account Team of the Year [40]


For the second year in a row Entanet win Comms Dealer Sales & Marketing Awards for Channel Marketing Team of the Year and Channel Account Team of the Year [41]

Product Divisions[edit]


Formerly run as a separate company Entacall this division, now integrated with Entanet, provides traditional voice services such as non-geographic numbers (NGNs), carrier preselect (CPS), wholesale line rental (WLR) and VoIP.


Entanet started as a simple ISP providing Internet Access to business and residential end users but has branched out and now specialised in Wholesale Internet Services for Corporates and smaller ISPs.


Entanet's broadband serves two different channel partner groups, those who want to resell broadband packages and earn commission; and those who want to take Entanet's wholesale broadband to carve their own niche under their own brand. Entanet has been able to carve a substantial niche[42] of L2TP delivered broadband services to smaller ISP's.

Leased Lines and Metro Ethernet[edit]

Entanet provides a range of different solutions when it comes to Leased lines and Ethernet (such as Ethernet in the First Mile EFM and Generic Ethernet Access GEA) solutions, but are specialising in providing wholesale solutions delivered to smaller ISPs using MPLS based solutions.


Entanet's colocation facilities are based in Telford, London and Slough. At their headquarters in Telford, they maintain 3 bespoke data floors.

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