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Entekrishi.com is an online open market for consumers and farmers to connect directly with each other.

Entekrishi.com[1] is a solution[2] of Digital Farmers Foundation(NGO - Reg.No.86/IV/2016)[3] for both the farmers and the consumers in Kerala where farmers can sell their crops directly to the end user without any middle men[4] intervention, thereby getting a guaranteed price for their produce and the consumers can reap the benefits of having organic products which they can personally check at the nearby farmer's field.[5]


The word "entekrishi" is derived from two Malayalam words, ente which means "my", and krishi which means "farming".

  • Site was launched at karshika mela December 2014 at Thodupuzha (Kerala) by Kerala Minister Sri. P. J. Joseph [6]
  • Mission15 was launched at Thodupuzha on August 2015 by Sri. Sreenivasan[7]
  • Mission15 supporting program inaugurated by Miya [8][9]
  • Launched a short film of a farmer who suffering the financial crisis due to the unavailability of good agriculture market[10]


Entekrishi.com provides a platform or rather a virtual market for farmers and end consumers where farmers can display their crops, mention the quantity, specify the method of cultivation, expected price for the commodity and contact details. Farmers can post their products for any quantity ranging from 1 kg to 1 ton which means even a person having a kitchen farm [11] may find a buyer.


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