Enteng Kabisote 4: Okay Ka Fairy Ko...The Beginning of the Legend

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Enteng Kabisote 4:
Okay Ka Fairy Ko...
The Beginning of the Legend
Directed by Tony Y. Reyes
Based on Okay Ka, Fairy Ko!
Starring Vic Sotto
Kristine Hermosa
Music by Jan K. Ilacad
MZet Productions
OctoArts Films
Distributed by OctoArts Films
Release date
December 25, 2007
Language Tagalog
Box office P 117 million

Enteng Kabisote 4: Okay Ka Fairy Ko...The Beginning of the Legend is a 2007 comedy fantasy film, the fourth and last installment of the original Enteng Kabisote films and the sixth movie installment based on the Philippine television sitcom Okay Ka, Fairy Ko!. The film is an official entry for the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival.


Mortal Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto) and his magical fairy wife Faye (Kristine Hermosa) continue to face danger and adventure in this fourth film based on the popular Filipino television series "Okay Ka, Fairy Ko." The hazards this time include a time-traveling mirror, an evil dragon lady, a vampirish villain, a gun-armed bad guy and the ever-present aswangs. As always, Enteng must rise to the challenges to protect his beloved family from all the potential mayhem.


Cameo appearances[edit]

  • Cristine Reyes as Sarah Medical
  • Ric Pacheco as Faith Healer
  • Jed Del Mundo as Jed the Giant