Enter My Religion

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Enter My Religion
Liv Kristine Enter My Religion.jpg
Studio album by Liv Kristine
Released 13 February 2006
Recorded 2005-2006
Genre Gothic Rock, Rock Music, Pop
Length 45:07
Label Roadrunner
Producer Alexander Krull
Liv Kristine chronology
Deus Ex Machina
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Enter My Religion

Enter My Religion is the second album by Leaves' Eyes female vocalist and lyricist Liv Kristine. It was released in 2006 on Roadrunner Records.


In an interview Liv Kristine gave with Brave Words And Bloody Knuckles in 2006, she was quoted as saying "When it comes to music, doing one thing is not enough. I've got a lot of different sources of musical inspiration, and I know that doing one thing is easy and saves time, but I wouldn't know what I would do with all my ideas and dreams if I went that direction. I have to bring them to life somehow, so doing a solo project is a way of being creative. With me, the creative process is an ongoing thing, so it really comes down to the planning. My husband (Atrocity frontman/producer Alex Krull) and I have the same profession, I have a fantastic mother-in-law, and I'm also able to close the door when I leave the studio or tour bus. Time off is time off and work is work, and I enjoy both."


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Lords Of Metal 8/10 stars[1]
sputnikmusic 2.0/5 stars[2]

The album received mixed reviews. In an early 2007 issue of Terrorizer Magazine, it got 2 of 10, and the reviewer called it "Euro-pop bilge". But Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles thought differently, calling it "a melancholic pop-rock album geared towards a non-metal audience. While it does have commercial potential-particularly on the European market- it is also a surprisingly strong multi-faceted piece of work well distanced from the Britney Spears/P!nk/Jessica Simpson formula."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Over the Moon" Liv Kristine Peter Tagtgren 3:32
2. "Fake a Smile" Kristine Alexander Krull, Timon Birkhofer 3:40
3. "All the Time in the World" Kristine Thorsten Bauer 3:52
4. "My Revelation" Kristine Bauer 3:31
5. "Coming Home" Kristine Bauer, Krull 4:11
6. "Trapped in Your Labyrinth" Kristine Tagtgren 3:46
7. "Blue Emptiness" Kristine Birkhofer, Bauer 3:49
8. "You Are the Night" Kristine Mathias Röderer 3:34
9. "Enter My Religion" Kristine Bauer 3:50
10. "Streets of Philadelphia" Bruce Springsteen Springsteen 3:19
11. "You Take Me Higher" Kristine Kristine, Röderer 3:37
12. "For a Moment" Kristine Krull, Bauer 4:24


  • Produced, Mixed & Mastered By Alexander Krull
  • Recorded by Alexander Krull, Mathias Röderer and Thorsten Bauer


  • Liv Kristine: Main vocal
  • Thorsten Bauer: Electric, acoustic and flamenco guitars, saz, mandolin, sitar, oud, piano
  • Alexander Krull: Keyboards, programming and samples
  • Timon Birkhofer: Bass, cello, piano, vocal backing
  • Jana Kallenberg: Violin
  • Dimitrios Argyropolous: Bouzouki, tzoura
  • Jean Paul: Accordion
  • Katharina Klein: Flute
  • Florian Tekale: Keyboards, piano
  • Moritz Neuner: Drums, percussion


  • Liv Kristine "Enter My Religion" CD Liner Notes; Roadrunner Records, 2006