Enterobacteria greA leader

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Enterobacteria greA leader
Enterobacteria greA leader.png
Conserved secondary structure of greA leader, colours represent the fraction of canonical base pairs
Symbol greA_leader
Rfam RF01769
Other data
RNA type Cis-reg; leader
Domain(s) Enterobacteriales
SO {{{SO}}}

The Enterobacteria greA leader is a putative attenuator element identified by bioinformatics within bacteria of the γ-proteobacterial Enterobacteriales order.[1] It is located upstream of the rnk gene, encoding a transcription elongation factor, and presents a Rho-independent terminator at the 3' end. This RNA is presumed to operate as a non-coding leader, which regulatory mechanism remains to be elucidated.[1] The short abortive form of the greA transcript may also play a role as an independent sRNA: Potrykus et al. have shown that its overexpression leads to the repression of several genes.[2] The motif might be related to other rnk leaders such as the Pseudomonas rnk leader and the Enterobacteria rnk leader.[1]

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