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Entrepreneurs of Knoxville
Type NPO
Services training, networking, joint ventures
~950 (as of Feb 2012)
Key people
Leo Knight (President),
Karen Sprinkle (Membership),
Walter Lounsbery (Secretary),
Kerri Karel (Communications),
Beth Foister (Education),
Jonathan M. Patrick,
Seth Anderson (At Large)
Website Entrepreneurs of Knoxville

Entrepreneurs of Knoxville (E.O.K.) is a growing non-profit organization of more than 950 members in Knoxville, TN. E.O.K. is an educational and charitable organization committed to the success of each member. E.O.K. also benefits its members by providing strategic networking opportunities.[1] E.O.K. is a grassroots organization focused on small business owners and independent contractors. The group ranges from high-tech individuals to those involved in real estate, non-profits, art, services, and more.[2]

Programs and Meetings[edit]

EOK is a user-driven and dynamic organization. Its programs and meeting vary in content and frequency as the organization grows. In addition to traditional subjects such as funding, patents, and incorporation, the group also strives to cover larger issues affecting small business. For example, before the 2012 mayoral race in Knoxville, EOK sponsored candidate interviews and meet-and-greets with each candidate.

While the primary aspects of many entrepreneurial groups is networking and fundraising, EOK holds education as one of its fundamental components. In addition to providing seminars and workshops for members and the working community, EOK is a key sponsor of the inaugural 2012 "Empowered Teen Entrepreneurship Camp" to be held on the University of Tennessee campus. Other primary sponsors include the UT Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Ultimate Life Institute.

Member Startups[edit]

Monthly Networking/Social Events[edit]

Current EOK members and interested visitors meet monthly in public locations for social and networking events.

Business Forums[edit]

EOK hosts multiple informal business forums to share ideas and discuss industry-specific knowledge.

Web 2.0 Resources[edit]

EOK offers Web 2.0 resources to find local collaborators and new joint ventures.


E.O.K. was founded in April 2008 by Leonard R. Knight Jr and Chris Austin in Knoxville, TN.


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