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The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) was founded in 1979 by Chief Jim Nwobodo as the Anambra State University of Science and Technology (ASUTECH) Enugu. It was the first ever state owned university in Nigeria. It was conceived with three campuses at Awka, Abakaliki, and Enugu. It had the first state funded Teaching hospital in Nnewi.

Following the creation of Enugu State in 1991, the University took its present name. A large project by the Government of Enugu state to relocate the University has been underway in recent years. Early in 2006, the permanent site of the University in Ebeano City, with ultramodern facilities, became home to the first group of students and faculty to relocate from its temporary site.However, the hostels are still under construction following the recent transition of government It contains few number of faculties i.e.

Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty of Education Faculty of Natural Sciences Faculty of Engineering among others;

  • Current Pro-Chancellor - David Ogbodo
  • Current Vice-Chancellor - Professor Cyprian Onyeji
  • Registrar - Barrister Chris Igbokwe
  • Bursar - Aloysius Chukwuemeka Okafor
  • University Librarian - George Igwebuike

University Anthem[edit]

"We are the children of Enugu State University of Science and Technology. We shall cast all dreams of case away And put on the Armour of Technology. Our Mother State, Enugu demands our best. This crucial hour, we shall never rest on our oars till all endeavours of our days are fulfilled.

Retrain: Technology for service. Service to humanity. Our Alma mate's pledge this is We vow to work with hands, heart and Knowledge to win a worthy prize For mankind.

We hail our founding fathers; their foresight and devotion, Steadfastness and forbearance And self-reliance and animation. It is our turn to nurture Our patriots' golden treasure, With one accord to give us might, We'll make our world a better one than this."

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