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An envelope is the paper container used to hold a letter being sent by post.

Envelope may also refer to:

In mathematics:

  • Envelope (mathematics), a curve, surface, or higher-dimensional object defined as being tangent to a given family of lines or curves (or surfaces, or higher-dimensional objects, respectively)

In science:

  • Viral envelope, the membranal covering surrounding the capsid of a virus
  • Cell envelope of a bacterium, consisting of the cell membrane, cell wall and outer membrane

In applied science:

  • Envelope (waves), a curve joining the peaks of an oscillating waveform or signal
  • Envelope detector, an electronic circuit used to measure the envelope of a waveform
  • ADSR envelope, the variation of a sound over time, as is used in sound synthesis
  • Envelope (motion), a solid representing all positions that an object may occupy during its normal range of motion
  • Flight envelope, the limits within which an aircraft can operate
  • Building envelope, the exterior layer of a building that protects it from the elements
  • Envelope (airships), the fabric skin covering the airship

In entertainment:

Other uses:

See also[edit]

  • Two envelopes problem, a paradox
  • Common envelope event, a short-lived phase in the evolution of a binary star in which the larger of the two stars has initiated unstable mass transfer to its companion star