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Envirofit International is a social enterprise established in 2003 to develop technology that will reduce pollution and enhance energy efficiency in developing countries.[1] Envirofit’s founders are Tim Bauer, Nathan Lorenz, Paul Hudnut, and Bryan Willson. The social enterprise is based in Fort Collins, Colorado and has been recognized for the global impact of its innovative technology and market-based delivery of the clean energy cook stoves which help to reduce air pollution.[2]


Envirofit International began in 2003 as an adjunct program to the Colorado State University Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory to bring sustainable clean energy solutions to solve health and energy challenges on a global level. The first product was a retrofit technology to reduce pollution from two-stroke cycle vehicle engines in the Philippines. This project won the Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2008.[3] Envirofit engineers then turned their focus to stoves. Envirofit International’s first commercial clean cook stove model was produced in India in 2008. In order to meet the demands of consumers throughout the various markets and the growing health concerns of cooking on a traditional stove, Envirofit started to scale the model in 2010. In 2009, Nathan Lorenz and Tim Bauer were named Heros of the Environment for their smokeless and less hazardous stove by Time Magazine.[4]

In 2007 Envirofit partnered with The Shell Foundation’s Breathing Space Program to develop clean cook stoves. This partnership launched a World Wide Clean Technology Cook Stove Business to combat indoor air pollution through a market-based approach. As a team, The Shell Foundation and Envirofit International, have not only raised significant awareness about the dangers of indoor air pollution but also helped solve this problem with their certified clean stoves.[5]

Clean Cook Stoves[edit]

Envirofit International developed the clean burning cook stove to help with indoor air pollution in developing countries. The design was created after engineers studied the flow of heat and smoke in a combustion chamber using computer modeling to determine the best size and shape for the stove. It was found that sheet metal can burn through in a matter of weeks. Therefore, researchers worked to develop a metal and insulation to withstand high temperatures and frequent use at a low cost. The design of the cook stove had to best fit with the consumers using it. Most of the consumers live on $2 to $10 a day and spend several hours preparing food and water for their families to use.[6]

The technology of the clean cook stove has been dubbed the rocket stove because of the simple yet effective design. The cook stove has a large vertical cylinder that holds a pot and an opening at the bottom to feed the combustible biomass to cook a meal or pasteurize drinking water. In the next five years the clean stoves could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 400,000 tons and prevent more than 85,000 kilograms of black carbon from entering the atmosphere. The combustion chamber of the Envirofit stoves use up to 60% less fuel than other stoves or open fires to reduce toxic emissions by up to 80%.[7] There are several types of clean stoves produced by Envirofit International including the CH-4400 charcoal stove, the CH-5200 charcoal stove, the CH-2200 charcoal stove, the Z-3000 Built-In wood stove, the G-3300 wood stove, and the M-500.[8]

Envirofit has sold more of their scientifically crafted clean cook stoves than any other high quality international clean cook stove producer in the world.[9]

Awards and Recognition[edit]

Award Title Given By Year Received Award Description
Special Achievement Award Partnership for Clean Indoor Air 2011 Acknowledges commitment and accomplishment in one or more of the four essentials of highly effective and sustainable household energy and health programs[10]
William E. Morgan Alumni Achievement Award Colorado State University Alumni Association 2010 Recognizes a graduate of Colorado State University who has attained extraordinary distinction and success in the field and whose achievements have brought benefit to fellow citizens[11]
Heroes of the Environment Time Magazine 2009 Celebrates heroes of the environment who have proved to be the most innovative and influential protectors of the planet[12]
International Design Excellence Award Industrial Designers Society of America 2009 Most prestigious and recognized design competition constructed to focus on the most innovative and exciting products of the year[13]
Scientific American 10: Guiding Science for Humanity Scientific American 2009 Ten researchers, politicians, business executives, and philanthropists are selected who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to assuring that the benefits of new technologies and knowledge will accrue to humanity[14]
Red Herring- North America 100 Red Herring 100 2009 Instruments of the technology industry are identified after the editorial team diligently survey entrepreneurship around the globe [15]
The Rolex Award for Enterprise- Laureate Rolex 2008 Honors extraordinary individuals who possess the courage and conviction to take on major challenges by improving humanity or expanding life on the planet[16]
Popular Science- Best of What's New in Green Technology Popular Science 2008 Praises 100 breakthrough innovators whose ideas make the world and our lives safer, more efficient, and better than before[17]
Tech Museum of Innovation-Environment Award Laureate Tech Museum 2008 Honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity. Inspires global engagement in applying this technology to humanity's most pressing problem by recognizing those who address the most urgent issues facing the planet[18]
Royal Award for Sustainable Technology Transfer HRH Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark with CopenMind 2008 Commemorates the groundbreaking research and technology that creates a solution to global environment and climate issues [19]
World Clean Energy Award for Transport and Mobility World Clean Energy 2007 Prestigious honor that acknowledges accomplished projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy realm by showcase new standards in applying clean and renewable energy solutions[20]
World Bank Development Marketplace Finalist Development Marketplace 2007 Identifies and funds innovative, early-stage projects with high potential for development impact[21]
The Plenty 20- Twenty Companies That Will Change The World Plenty Magazine 2007 Spotlight 20 companies that push the ecological envelope and influence a change in the world due to new innovations[22]
Stanford Social Innovation Review- Ten Innovative Technologies Creating Social Change Stanford Social Innovation 2006 Highlighting 10 social entrepreneurs who tackle economic problems through product distribution, adoption, and maintenance[23]

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