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Privately held corporation
FoundedToronto, Ontario, Canada (1970 (1970))
FounderMichael Adams
Key people
Barry Watson CEO

Environics Research is a Canadian polling and market research firm based in Toronto, with offices in Ottawa and Calgary. The company was founded in 1970; its founding president was Michael Adams[1] and its CEO is Barry Watson.

The company's opinion polls are often cited in Canadian news media.[2][3][4]

Environics Group[edit]

In addition to Environics Research Group, the Environics group of companies includes Environics Analytics, an affiliated company that specializes in geodemographic segmentation, Environics Communications, a public affairs and integrated marketing communications consultancy, Nexalogy Environics, a leading-edge social media analysis company, Free For All Marketing, a leading experiential and event marketing firm, and Environics Lipkin, a global research and motivation company.

Environics Analytics[edit]

Environics Analytics
FoundedToronto, Ontario, Canada (2003 (2003)) [5]
FounderJan Kestle
HeadquartersToronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Jan Kestle CEO[6]
Servicesmarketing and analytical

Environics Analytics is a Canadian marketing and analytical services company, established in 2003, by founder and current President Jan Kestle. The company is based in Toronto, Ontario. Environics Analytics Group Ltd. is an independent company, separate from Environics Research Group, although all fall under the Environics Group of Companies

Environics Analytics experts, studies and data are often cited in Canadian news media.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

Founder Jan Kestle is one of Canada's leading experts on the use of privacy-friendly data.[16][17]

Environics Analytics was one of a group of companies to object to the removal of the Canada 2011 Census long form.[18][19]

Environics Communications (Currently Proof)[edit]

Privately held company
FounderBruce MacLellan, CEO[20]
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
ServicesIntegrated Communications Agency

Environics Communications is a Canadian integrated marketing communications firm, established in 1994, by founder and current CEO Bruce MacLellan. The company's services include public relations, brand strategy and planning, creative & video, government relations, influencer marketing, and paid media, among others. In March 2017, the company released the second annual CanTrust Index, which measured Canadians' trust across a wide range of topics, industries, and sectors.

In March 2018, Environics Communications rebranded as Proof Inc. [21] Proof released the third annual CanTrust Index, continuing the trend of measuring Canadian's trust across topics,

industries, and sectors.[22][23][24]


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