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Privately held corporation
Founded Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1970 (1970))
Founder Michael Adams
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Barry Watson CEO
Services Research
Website http://www.environicsresearch.com/

Environics Research Group is a Canadian polling and market research firm based in Toronto, with offices in Ottawa and Calgary. The company was founded in 1970; its founding president is Michael Adams and its CEO is Barry Watson.

The company's opinion polls are often cited in Canadian news media.[1][2][3]

Environics Group[edit]

In addition to Environics Research Group, the Environics group of companies includes Environics Analytics, an affiliated company that specializes in geodemographic segmentation, Environics Communications, a public affairs and integrated marketing communications consultancy, Nexalogy Environics, a leading-edge social media analysis company, Free For All Marketing, a leading experiential and event marketing firm, and Environics Lipkin, a global research and motivation company.

Environics Analytics[edit]

Founded 2003
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Services marketing and analytical

Environics Analytics' is a Canadian marketing and analytical services company, established in 2003, by founder and current President Jan Kestle. The company is based in Toronto, Ontario. Environics Analytics was one of a group of companies to object to the removal of the Canada 2011 Census long form.[4]

Environics Communications[edit]

Environics Communications' is a Canadian integrated marketing communications firm, established in 1994, by founder and current CEO Bruce MacLellan. The company's services include public relations, brand strategy and planning, creative & video, government relations, influencer marketing, and paid media, among others. In March 2017, the company released the second annual CanTrust Index, which measured Canadians' trust across a wide range of topics, industries, and sectors.


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