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The environment of India refers to the situation related to environment within the country.

Environment of India[edit]


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Due to increasing population and enhanced food grains consumption, more and more rain fed crop lands are brought under intensive cultivation by ground and surface water irrigation. The irrigated land is losing gradually its fertility by converting into saline alkali soil..


Climate change[edit]


Protected areas[edit]

Environmental policy and law[edit]

Treaties and international agreements[edit]

India is a signatory to a number of treaties and international agreements:

Environmental organisations[edit]

Tamil Nadu[edit]

There are at least 85 widely diversified environmental organisations involved with environmental conservation and environmental education in Tamil Nadu state, South India. These organisations are notable for the diversity of their members and their intended impact groups, ranging from urban to rural, local to national, elementary students to government policy makers and rich to poor. The combined intent of these organisations' efforts is increased awareness of and participation in environmentalism by a broad spectrum of the state's population.[1]

The Ministry of Environment and Forests through its Department of Environment and the Tamil Nadu Forest Department is the primary Government organisation planning and implementing environmental policy in the state.[2][3]

Paryawaran Sachetak Samiti, a national level volunteer organisation is organising various movements to protect nature and save environment at grassroot across India since 1993.

Environmental issues[edit]

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