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Environmental Centre ARCTUROS (Greek: Περιβαλλοντικό Κέντρο του ΑΡΚΤΟΥΡΟΥ) commonly known as Arcturos, is a Greek ecological organization which focuses its efforts on saving the brown bear and its habitats.


Brown bears once ranged all across Europe, but human encroachment on their forest habitats have made them an endangered species. Through the efforts of Arcturos, the size of the Greek brown bear population appears to have doubled in recent years.[original research?][when?] The organization also undertakes the rescue of bears kept captive in inhumane conditions—such as the "dancing bears", which are taken as cubs to be trained following the killing of their mother, as well as orphan bears and those improperly kept in zoos. It comprises a veterinary centre located in the village of Aetos, where animals are nursed back to health and a mountain sanctuary in the nearby Verno mountains close to the village of Nymfaio, an enclosed section of forest where the bears are transferred to be cared for and studied until they are able to be released back into the wild. The sanctuary also serves as an educational and study field for scientists and the public.[citation needed]

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