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Environmental Waste Controls plc (EWC)[1] is a privately held Merseyside-[2][3][4] based UK company,[2] who provide waste management and recycling solutions[clarification needed] for various types of industry. It was first founded by Bill Edwards[2] in 1993, who initially started the business from his bedroom; the concept was to offer a total transparent and fixed-price waste and recycling management package.

During the first six months of developing the business, EWC carried out extensive product research and market testing with several pilot projects with local NHS Trusts, following the success of these projects the product supply line, marketing strategy and concept of the business were firmly established.

Since 1993 EWC has provided over 500 organisations and many local authority household waste and recycling centres, such as the Hilton hotel, Radisson Hotels, railway stations, National Health Service Trusts and local government boddis,[2] both in the UK and Ireland, with significant cost reduction in their waste budget, through maximising recycling and minimising fixed-prices for waste segregation, storage, transport and waste disposal for landfill.

Plans to branch out in to battery recycling were mooted in early late 2000s, but were quickly dropped. By 2008, the firm employed 400 people and had sales of about $46,900,000.[2]

Corporate functions and services[edit]

Other present day (as of 2010) functions and services include-[5]

EWC PLC with its sub department of trade and export in strong business and trade with British manufactures and suppliers of the field of scrap.


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