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Environmental design and planning is the moniker used by several Ph.D. programs that take a multidisciplinary approach to the built environment. Typically environmental design and planning programs address architectural history or design (interior or exterior), city or regional planning, landscape architecture history or design, environmental planning, construction science, cultural geography, or historic preservation. Social science methods are frequently employed; aspects of sociology or psychology can be part of a research program.

The concept of "environmental" in these programs is quite broad and can encompass aspects of the natural, built, work, or social environments.

Areas of research[edit]

Academic programs[edit]

The following universities offer a Ph.D. in environmental design and planning:

Virginia Tech until recently offered the degree program, but has since replaced it with programs in "architecture and design research" and "planning, governance, and globalization".

Fanshawe College in London, Ontario Canada offers an honours bachelor's degree called "Environmental Design and planning.[1]

Related programs[edit]