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The Legend of Spud Murphy is part of a series called "Eoin Colfer's legend of ...", written by the Irish author Eoin Colfer, author of the best-selling series Artemis Fowl. The book was illustrated by Glenn McCoy. The series talks about two brothers: Will, who is nine years old and loves action man and Marty who is 10 years old. There are three books in the series so far:


"Suddenly, a shadow fell across my brother. . . It was Spud. She had appeared without a sound, like a ninja librarian."

Will and Marty live in a family with their mum, dad and three other brothers. In their summer holidays their mother decides that they should take up an educative hobby, so she sends them to the library twice a week. Will and Marty are terrorized. Everyone knows the story of Spud Murphy, the evil librarian... just ask Ugly Frank how he got his nickname! You just have to put your foot in the wrong place and you get spudded with soggy potatoes from her gas powered spud-gun. Laugh aloud and you can never be seen again... Will and Marty go to the library every week, but Marty always tries to pull tricks on Spud, like swapping the books around and going off the carpet in the children's section, but he is always caught red handed. In the end he stays in the children's section pretending to read a book. At the end of the day their mother finds them reading a book and decides they should go to the library three times a week because she's so happy to see them reading. One day, a story about a giant catches Will's eye. Before he realizes it, he's half way through the book. When he looks at Marty he sees his brother is really reading too. When their mother comes Marty and Will don't want to go home. Quickly Marty and Will finish all the books in the children's section and don't know what to do. Without being seen, Marty sneaks to the adult section and takes a book when the librarian is absent. Will and Marty read "Spies in Siberia" together until Spud comes along and takes a look at the adult section. Amazingly, she knows which book has been taken from all the books in the adult section. Her suspects fall immediately on Marty, who confesses that he took the book because they had both finished all the ones in the children's section. Spud Murphy is happy they have done this because they really wanted to read and not because they wanted to mess up the library. In the end Spud Murphy, or "Angelina", as she tells the two boys to call her, rewards Will with the adult's section library card.


Colfer, Eoin " The Legend of Spud Murphy" (book)

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