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Eolith Co., Ltd.
IndustryVideo games
FateAcquired by NetBrain
HeadquartersGangnam-gu,[1] Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Jeon Juyoung (CEO: April 1996–March 2004)
Choe Jeongho (CEO: March 2004–March 2005)
ProductsArcade games, and Mobile games
Websiteweb.archive.org/web/20050802102156/http://www.eolith.co.kr/ Edit this on Wikidata

Eolith Co., Ltd. (Korean: 이오리스) was a South Korean based video game company. They developed The King of Fighters 2001 and The King of Fighters 2002 after SNK was bankrupted. They also developed Double Dragon EX for mobile phones. Their last title released was Chaos Breaker, for the arcade system Taito Type X.

List of games[edit]

For Arcade[edit]

Classic series[edit]

Redemption series[edit]

  • Dance Machine 18 [also known as DM 18] (2000)
  • Hide and Seek[5] (2001)
  • Mugunghwa Kkot-i Pieosseumnida[6] [a.k.a. The Roses of Sharon Have Blossomed] (2001)
  • Dream Shoot[7] (2002)
  • El Dorado (2002)
  • Rolling Blues[8] (2002)
  • Shooting Master (2002)[9]
  • Alice in Cardland[10] (2003)

For Mobile phones[edit]


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