Eparchy of Žiča

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Eparchies of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Serbia (as of 2006).png

Eparchy of Žiča is one of the eparchies of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and is seated in Kraljevo, in the Žiča monastery.



In 1208, Saint Sava establishes the Archbishopric of Žiča (Archiepiscopal see), the monastery being built by his brother Stefan Nemanjić with work by Greek masters. In 1219 it becomes part of the autocephalous Serbian Orthodox Church, and Sava becomes the First Patriarch of the Serbs, the church serving for the coronations of the Nemanjić dynasty. The seat of the Serbian Church was moved in 1253 to the Patriarchate of Peć. The "Nomocanon of Sava" was copied at the monastery and was for several centuries influential in the Balkans and Russia.


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