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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Opiliones
Suborder: Laniatores
Infraorder: Grassatores
Superfamily: Assamioidea
Family: Epedanidae
Sørensen, in L. Koch 1886

See text for list.

70 genera, c. 200 species

Epedanidae is a family of the harvestman infraorder Grassatores with about 200 described species. They are the sister group of the Gonyleptoidea.[1]

The Epedanidae are endemic to Asia. The subfamily Dibuninae forms the predominant harvestman fauna of the Philippines. The other three subfamilies are more predominant in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and some are found in Burma and Nepal. Some species occur outside this region, in India, China, Vietnam and Japan.[1] One species is even endemic to New Guinea.[2]


The body size ranges from two to five millimeters, with thin legs ranging from six to 26 mm. The chelicerae are heavy with strong teeth in both fingers. The pedipalps are long and strong, with powerful spines lining the inside of the claw. Most species are light brown with few black mottling. Some species possess white patches on the scutum. The pedipalps are much more heavily spined in males, together with a swollen cheliceral hand.[1]


The type genus Epedanus is derived from Ancient Greek epedanos "weak, feeble".


For a list of all currently described species see List of Epedanidae species.

Dibuninae Roewer, 1912

Epedaninae Sørensen, in L. Koch 1886

Acrobuninae Roewer, 1912

Sarasinicinae Roewer, 1923

incertae sedis


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