Ephedra multiflora

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Ephedra multiflora
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Gnetophyta
Class: Gnetopsida
Order: Ephedrales
Family: Ephedraceae
Genus: Ephedra
Species: E. multiflora
Binomial name
Ephedra multiflora
Phil. ex Stapf

Ephedra multiflora is a species of Ephedra that is native to northern Chile and Argentina.


The plant was originally described by Rodolfo Armando Philippi, later formally published by Otto Stapf in 1887, and placed in section Ephedra sect. Alatae, "tribe" Habrolepides by Stapf in 1889.

In 1996 Robert A. Price left E. multiflora in section Alatae without recognizing a tribe.[1]


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