Ephedra torreyana

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Ephedra torreyana
Ephedra torreyana 7.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Gnetophyta
Class: Gnetopsida
Order: Ephedrales
Family: Ephedraceae
Genus: Ephedra
Species: E. torreyana
Binomial name
Ephedra torreyana

Ephedra torreyana, with common names Torrey's jointfir or Torrey's Mormon tea, is a species of Ephedra that is native to the deserts and scrublands of the Southwestern United States (Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas) and to the State of Chihuahua and northern Mexico.[1]

It was originally described by Sereno Watson in 1879 and placed in section Alatae, "tribe" Habrolepides by Otto Stapf in 1889. In 1996 Robert A. Price left E. torreyana in section Alatae without recognizing a tribe.[2]


  • Ephedra torreyana var. powelliorum — Texas and Chihuahua[3]
  • Ephedra torreyana var. torreyana - Southwestern United States [4]


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