Ephraim Hertzano

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Ephraim Hertzano

Ephraim Hertzano was a board game designer born in Romania.[1] He immigrated to Israel, where he founded the games company Hertzano.[1] Hertzano's most famous game creation is Rummikub.[1]


Hertzano is a Jewish Israeli. He originally made his living selling toothbrushes and other plastic accessories as well as cosmetics. He started developing the tile game Rummikub in the 1940s, in Romania, when card-playing was outlawed under the Communist regime. Hertzano moved to Israel in the 1940s after World War II,[2] continuing the development on Rummikub in the backyard of his house in Bat Yam, and eventually became a professional game developer after publishing it to the markets.

Rummikub was the best-selling game in the United States in 1977.[2]

Hertzano founded the company Lemada Light Industries Ltd in 1978.

Hertzano died in 1987.[3]


Spiel des Jahres

Game of the Year
1980 for Rummikub

Spel van het Jaar

Game of the Year
1983 for Rummikub


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