Epic Records Japan

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Epic Records Japan
Parent company Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Founded 1978
2001 (re-establishment)
Founder Shigeo Maruyama
Genre J-pop (Present)
video game (Former)
Country of origin Japan
Official website http://www.epic-jp.net/

Epic/Sony Records is a Japanese record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Its founder was Shigeo Maruyama.

Between 1978 and 1988 the label operated as a wholly owned subsidiary: Epic/Sony Inc. (株式会社EPIC・ソニー) was established in August 1978[1] and was folded back into CBS/Sony Group in March 1988.[2]

Notable music artists for this company have included Motoharu Sano, Tetsuya Komuro, and Kimiko Itoh.

In 2001, it was re-established as Epic Records Japan Inc. (株式会社エピックレコードジャパン, Kabushiki Gaisha Epikku Rekoodo Japan).

Games published[edit]

During the late 1980s and early 1990s they also published video games for Nintendo consoles.

Record Labels[edit]


  • Antinos
  • Dohb Discs
  • So What? Records


  • Kowalski
  • mf Records (joint venture with Motoharu Sano)
  • Mint Age

Current Artists[edit]


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