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Epiclesis is a composition for flute by Juan Maria Solare (Cologne, 25–30 September 1995) [Duration: 4:30].

In the preface to the score, the composer refers to the Mathnawi of Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi as an inspiration of this piece. The title, Epiclesis, is to be understood as "Invocation", "specifically the invocation to the divine strength and power."

The piece makes use of the so-called extended techniques: pizzicato, glissando, overtones (harmonics), multiphonics and "Paukeneffekt" (tongue ram). According to the score, Solare's Epiclesis should be played on as "bass" a flute as is available (contrabass flute, bass, alto, soprano flute).

Epiclesis achieved the Second Honorific Mention in the First National Competition "Juan Carlos Paz", organized in 1996 by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (National Endowment for the Arts) in Argentina (category "piece for unaccompanied instrument"). Jury: Salvador Ranieri, María Teresa Luengo and Fernando González Casella. It was also finalist at the competition "Rarescale / Royal College of Music", London, 2004.

Epiclesis is Solare's first piece for unaccompanied flute. Up to 2009 he has written round ten pieces for flute solo.

Known performances[edit]

  • First performed by Thomas Brögger at the Musikhochschule in Cologne on 26 January 1996.
  • Performed again by Thomas Brögger at the Städtischen Museum in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) on 28 February 1996.
  • Performed by Tatjana Morozov on May 27, 1998 at the auditorium "Freie Kammerspiele Köln", in Cologne (Germany).
  • Northamerican first performance by Christine Perea on 15 February 2003 at the A.R.T./New York's South Oxford Space (Brooklyn, New York), in the frame of the project "Love and Loss" organized by the association Vox Novus and Birmingham Art Music Alliance.
  • Italian first performance: Ana Ligia Mastruzzo at the School of Music in Trieste on 15 September 2005.


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