Epicure (band)

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Origin Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1997–2010
Labels Flugelhorn
MGM Distribution
Website Official website
Past members Juan Alban
Tim Bignell
Dom Santamaria
Josh Murphy
Luke Cairnes
Michael Brown
Dean Shannon
Dan Houlihan
Heath McCurdy
Mick Hubbard

Epicure are an Australian rock band from Ballarat, in regional Victoria. Triple J radio helped bring Epicure to the Australian consciousness when they added "Feet From Under Me" and "Johnny Venus" to their playlists in 2000. Both songs are featured on the Fold album. Epicure came to national prominence in 2003 when two more of their tracks, "Armies Against Me" and "Life Sentence", were picked up by Triple J. These songs are featured on The Goodbye Girl album, released in March 2004. Both reached the Triple J Hottest 100, 2003, whilst a third track from the album, "Self Destruct in Five", made the Triple J Hottest 100, 2004.

The band spent much of 2003/04 touring Australia, particularly regional areas. In late 2003 they supported US rock group Live on their Australian tour, and also played at the Big Day Out festival in January 2004. They played at both Falls Festivals in December 2004.

Their 3rd full-length album Main Street was released in October 2005, and features the single "Tightrope Walker".

In February 2010 the band announced their final ever tour, "Quietly Into The Night" before disbanding."Quietly Into The Night...". 24 February 2010. Retrieved 25 March 2010. 


Past members[edit]


The band started in 1996 as a school rock band called Pima's Little Finger. Epicure's five original members Juan Alban, Michael 'Brownie' Brown, Tim Bignell, Dom Santamaria and Luke Cairnes played their first gig at the Dunnstown Football Club in 1996 only to be booed off stage in favour of Cold Chisel. They released their first recording in 1996 - a demo tape named The Least of These.

Their "home" was Ballarat's local live music pub nicknamed "The Rat" (The Bridge Mall Inn, now closed). After they released their first EP The Means to an End, they were picked up by Flugelhorn Records and managed by Mark Eatock, who bought out the Bridge Mall Inn in early 1999.

Shortly after the release of Elevator, Michael Brown and Luke Cairnes both decided to leave the band. The remaining members recruited 2 new musicians - Dan Houlihan (lead guitar) and Dean Shannon (keyboard). These two new members brought about a new feeling to the band, and Dean became quite popular with the crowds for his showmanship. Unfortunately, a dispute between the band and Dean occurred in mid-2004 which resulted in Dean leaving and a new keyboard player, Heath McCurdy joining.

In late 2006, lead guitarist Dan Houlihan decided to leave the band. Mick Hubbard (guitarist for Jen Cloher) took the position of lead guitarist in time to record their upcoming album, to be released in 2007. In June/July 2007 the band took a break from recording their upcoming album and played a number of supports for Mia Dyson on the east coast of Australia.

The band announced in 2007 that they were working on a new album and posted a video of recording sessions on their Myspace. They then asked fans which song featured in this video should be released as their first single, with the choice being between "Landslide" and "Cobra Kisses". The latter was eventually chosen and has been released. The album, titled "Postcards From A Ghost" was released in 2008.


Studio albums[edit]


  • Quietly Into The Night - Epicure Anthology - Independent/MGM (16 April 2010)



  • "Feet From Under Me" - Flugelhorn/MGM (1 May 2000)
  • "Armies Against Me" - Independent/MGM (2 November 2002)


  • The Least of These - (1996)

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