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The Albanian Bishops' Conference (Alb.: Koferenca Ipeshkvnore e Shqipërisë) is the central organ of the Bishops of Albania. The conference is organized by Bishop Kola Rrok Mirdita, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Tirana - Durrës conducted. It is a member of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE).


Angelo Massafra, OFM, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Shkodra

Lucjan Augustine, Bishop of Sapa

George Anthony Frendo OP, Auxiliary Bishop of Tirana

Dode Gjergji, Apostolic Administrator of Prizren

Hil Kabashi OFM, Apostolic Administrator of Southern Albania (Albanian rite)

Cristoforo Palmieri, CM, Bishop of Rrëshen

Zef Simoni, retired Auxiliary Bishop of Shkodra

Ottavio Vitale, RCJ, Bishop of Lezha

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