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Episcopal Conference of Turkey is the committee meeting of the Catholic and Uniate bishops in Turkey. It is a member of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE), and a guest member of the Southeast European Bishops' Conferences. For the Turkish state, the Turkish Catholic Bishops' Conference is "de jure" non-existent, so there is no mutual representative.

Catholics in Turkey[edit]

The congregation of the United Syrian Catholic Church has about 1,200 members, led by a Chorbishop, who despite not being a bishop, is also representing the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Turkey. The Chaldean Catholic Church, with currently about 1,000 members in Turkey, is headed a Chaldean priest which bears the title of Patriarchal vicar. The Roman Catholic Church has about 15,000 members, their bishops are: the Apostolic Vicar of Istanbul, the Vicariate of the North of Turkey including Istanbul and Ankara.

Members of the Episcopal Conference[edit]

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of Turkey has seven members:

Members are:

Commissioner for Human Rights[edit]

At the request of the Turkish bishops' conference was Dr. Otmar Oehring (Mission "missionary" in Aachen) to advocate for the Catholic churches in Turkey, appeal. In this role he sits on the European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE) and the European institutions for their interests and rights.


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