Episcopal Diocese of Delaware

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Diocese of Delaware

Diœcesis Delavariensis
Episcopal Diocese of Delaware.png
CountryUnited States
Ecclesiastical provinceProvince III
Members8,009 (2021)
DenominationEpiscopal Church
EstablishedSeptember 26, 1786
LanguageEnglish, Spanish
Current leadership
BishopKevin S. Brown
Location of the Diocese of Delaware
Location of the Diocese of Delaware

The Episcopal Church in Delaware, formerly known as the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware, is one of 108 dioceses making up the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. It consists of 33 congregations or parishes in an area the same as the State of Delaware. The diocese is led by a bishop and staff and provides episcopal supervision and some administrative assistance for its parishes.

The current bishop, the eleventh Bishop of Delaware, is Kevin Scott Brown, who was consecrated bishop December 9, 2017, and succeeded Wayne P. Wright upon the latter's retirement. The diocesan offices were located for many years at the campus of the Cathedral Church of Saint John, in Wilmington, Delaware. When the cathedral closed in 2012, the offices moved, in 2014, to 913 Wilson Road, Wilmington, DE the site of the former Saint Alban's Church.


The Episcopal Church in Delaware, formerly known as the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware, dates its foundation to 1785, the first time a delegation was sent representing the diocese to the General Convention. Charles Wharton presided over the first state convention on September 26, 1786, at which it was decided to form a wholly separate diocese from that of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania or the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, but under the episcopal supervision of the Bishop of Pennsylvania. It is one of the nine original Dioceses of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

List of bishops[edit]

Bishops over Delaware
From Until Incumbent Notes
1787 1828 William White, Bishop of Pennsylvania Resigned Delaware only, retaining Pennsylvania; also Presiding Bishop, 1789 and from 1795.
1828 1841 Henry U. Onderdonk, Provisional Bishop of Delaware Also coadjutor bishop of Pennsylvania until 1836; also Bishop of Pennsylvania from 1836; resigned Delaware only, retaining Pennsylvania.
Bishops of Delaware
1841 1887 Alfred Lee Installed October 12, 1841; also Presiding Bishop from 1884; died in office.
1888 1907 Leighton Coleman Installed October 18, 1888; died in office.
1908 1919 Frederick Joseph Kinsman Installed October 28, 1908; resigned October 1919 and became a Roman Catholic.
1920 1938 Philip Cook (July 4, 1875, Kansas City, MO – March 25, 1938, Wilmington, DE); elected May 12 and consecrated October 14, 1920; died in office.
1939 1954 Arthur R. McKinstry Arthur Raymond McKinstry (1894, Greeley, KS – December 25, 1991, Wilmington, DE); elected November 15, 1938 and consecrated February 17, 1939; retired December 31, 1954.
1955 1968 J. Brooke Mosley John Brooke Mosley (called Brooke; October 18, 1915, Philadelphia, PA – March 4, 1988, New York, NY); elected coadjutor June 29 and consecrated October 28, 1953; installed as diocesan January 16, 1955; resigned October 1, 1968.
1968 1974 William H. Mead William Henry Mead (1921 – February 25, 1974); elected June 28, consecrated and installed November 15, 1968; died in office.
1975 1985 William Hawley Clark William Hawley Clark (May 10, 1919 – March 7, 1997); elected January 24, consecrated May 16 and installed May 18, 1975; retired December 31, 1985.
1986 Quintin E. Primo, Jr., interim bishop Quintin Ebenezer Primo, Junior (July 1, 1913, Freedom Grove, GA – January 14, 1998, Hockessin, DE); previously suffragan bishop of Chicago; interim bishop only, January 1 – November 8, 1986.
1986 1997 Cabell Tennis Calvin Cabell Tennis (born October 24, 1932); elected June 14, consecrated November 8 and installed November 9, 1986; retired December 31, 1997; later assistant bishop in Spokane.
1998 2017 Wayne P. Wright Wayne Parker Wright; elected February 28, consecrated June 20 and installed June 21, 1998.
2017 present Kevin S. Brown Kevin S. Brown; elected July 15,[1] consecrated and installed December 9, 2017.[1]


This list includes all the active congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware and the historical parishes will gradually be added.

Kent County[edit]

Founded Name address town Rector status closed
1703 Christ Church, Dover South State and Water Street Dover Charles Sumner Weiss Rector
1704 Christ Church, Milford 200 Church Street Milford Thomas P. Davis Interim Rector
1889 St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Bridgeville, Delaware) 114 Delaware Avenue Bridgeville Carl E. Mosley Pastor
1868 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Camden Old North Road at West St. Camden John J. Desaulniers Pastor
1740 St. Peter's Church, Smyrna 22 North Union Street Smyrna Donna Jean Kiessling Rector
1868 St. Stephen's Church 190 Raughley Hill Road Harrington John Wright Priest in charge

New Castle County[edit]

Founded Name address town Rector status closed
1851 Church of the Ascension 3717 Philadelphia Pike Claymont Ketlen Solak Covenant Rector
1855 Calvary Church, Hillcrest 304 Lore Avenue
Brandywine Hundred
Wilmington Ketlen Solak Covenant Rector
1855 Cathedral Church of St. John 2012
1848 Christ Church, Christiana Hundred Buck Road at Route 100
Christiana Hundred
Greenville Ruth Lawson Beresford Rector
1848 Christ Church, Delaware City 222 Clinton Street Delaware City Arlene Favreau-Pysher Pastor
1836 Grace Church, Brandywine Hundred 4900 Concord Pike
Brandywine Hundred
Wilmington Ketlen Solak Covenant Rector
1884 Immanuel Church, Highlands 2400 West 17th Street Wilmington Kim Capwell Rector
1689 Immanuel Episcopal Church on the Green 2nd and Harmony Streets New Castle Christopher Paul Keene Rector
1952 Church of the Nativity 206 Sykes Road, Manor Park New Castle Margaret K. Pumphrey Pastor
1958 St. Albans Church, Brandywine Hundred 913 Wilson Road
Brandywine Hundred
Wilmington 2013
Episcopal Church of Sts. Andrew & Matthew 719 Shipley Street Wilmington David Andrews Rector
1705 St. Anne's Episcopal Church (Middletown, Delaware) 15 E. Green Street Middletown Russ Bohner Rector
1890 St. Barnabas Episcopal Church 2800 Duncan Road
Mill Creek Hundred
Wilmington Martha Kirkpatrick Rector
1954 St. David’s Episcopal Church
Web Site
2320 Grubb Road
Brandywine Hundred
Wilmington Brad Hinton Rector
1714 St. James Episcopal Church, Mill Creek (Stanton, Delaware) 2106 St. James Church Road
Stanton, Mill Creek Hundred
Wilmington James Bimbi Rector
1855 St. James Church, Newport 2 South Augustine Street
Wilmington Sarah L. J. Nelson Rector
1964 St. Nicholas’ Episcopal Church 10 Old Newark Road
White Clay Hundred
Newark William B. Lane Pastor
1842 St. Thomas's Parish 276 South College Avenue Newark Dr. Howell C. Sasser, Jr. Rector
1830 Trinity Parish 1108 N. Adams Street (at Delaware Avenue) Wilmington Patricia A. Downing Rector
1791 Holy Trinity Church (Old Swedes) 606 Church Street Wilmington Patricia A. Downing Rector

Sussex County[edit]

Founded Name address town Rector status closed
1886 All Saints' Church, Delmar Tenth and Grove Streets Delmar Ken Athey Pastor
1892 All Saints' Church 18 Olive Avenue Rehoboth Beach Max Wolf Rector
1771 Old Christ Church (Laurel, Delaware) Broad Creek Laurel Howard Backus Rector
1794 St. George's Chapel, Lewes Beaver Dam Road
Indian River Hundred
Angola Max Wolf Rector
1728 The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist 307 Federal Street Milton Thomas M. White Rector
1835 St. Luke's Church 202 North Street Seaford Marianne S. Ell Pastor
1848 St. Mark's Church State and Ellis Streets Millsboro David J. Archibald Rector
1940 St. Martha's Episcopal Church Maplewood & Pennsylvania Avenue Bethany Beach Mary Allen Rector
1947 St. Martin's in the Field Church 75 West Church Street Selbyville Glenn A. Duffy Pastor
1868 St. Paul's Episcopal Church Pine and Academy Streets Georgetown Joseph Rushton Rector
1708 St. Peter's Episcopal Church Second and Market Streets Lewes Jeffrey A. Ross Rector
1834 St. Philip's Episcopal Church 600 South Central Avenue Laurel Howard Backus Rector


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