Episcopal Diocese of Maine

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Diocese of Maine
Ecclesiastical province Province I
Coordinates 45°30′N 69°00′W / 45.5°N 69.0°W / 45.5; -69.0Coordinates: 45°30′N 69°00′W / 45.5°N 69.0°W / 45.5; -69.0
Congregations 64
Members 11,890 (2014)
Rite Episcopal
Cathedral Cathedral Church of St. Luke
Current leadership
Bishop Stephen T. Lane
Location of the Diocese of Maine
Location of the Diocese of Maine

The Episcopal Diocese of Maine is a diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and encompasses the entire State of Maine. It is part of the Province of New England — Province I of the ECUSA.

The Diocese has 66 year-round congregations and 20 summer chapels. The see city is Portland. Its cathedral is located at St. Luke's Cathedral. The diocesan bishop since September 2008 has been Stephen T. Lane.

The Diocese of Maine was created in 1820 from the Eastern Diocese (which included all of New England save Connecticut) and elected its first bishop, George Burgess in 1847.

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