Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee

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Diocese of Milwaukee
Diocese of Milwaukee shield.jpg
Ecclesiastical province Province V
Congregations 58 (2014)
Members 9,182 (2014)
Rite Episcopal
Cathedral Cathedral Church of All Saints
Current leadership
Bishop The Rt. Rev. Steven Andrew Miller
Location of the Diocese of Milwaukee
Location of the Diocese of Milwaukee

Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee, originally the Diocese of Wisconsin is the diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America located in the southern area of Wisconsin. It is in Province V (for the Midwest region). The Rt. Reverend Steven Miller is the bishop.


The see city is Milwaukee. Cathedral Church of All Saints, Milwaukee is the mother church.


The diocese was formed after Jackson Kemper was named the Episcopal Church's first missionary bishop and oversaw the church's mission to the Northwest Territories from 1835 to 1859. He became provisional bishop of Wisconsin from 1847 to 1854 and first bishop of the Diocese of Wisconsin from 1854 to 1870.[1]

In 1875 the Diocese of Fond du Lac was created to serve the northeastern 26 counties of the state. The Diocese of Eau Claire, was carved out of the diocese in 1928 for the counties in the northwestern part of Wisconsin. The Diocese of Wisconsin became the Diocese of Milwaukee in 1886.[2]

Over the last few years the membership has declined from 15,000 to 11,000.


  1. Jackson Kemper
  2. William Edmond Armitage
  3. Edward Randolph Welles
  4. Cyrus Frederick Knight
  5. Isaac Lea Nicholson
  6. William Walter Webb
  7. Benjamin Franklin Price Ivins
  8. Donald Hathaway Valentine Hallock (1953-1973)
  9. Charles Thomas Gaskell (1974-1985)
  10. Roger J. White (1985-2003)
  11. Steven Andrew Miller (2003 to present)


Nashotah House, in Nashotah, which is a seminary for the Episcopal Church, and St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin, a private Episcopal military academy, are also located in the Diocese of Milwaukee.

Cadle Mission and Racine College were also located in the diocese.

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