Episcopal Diocese of Northern California

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Diocese of Northern California
Ecclesiastical province Province VIII
Congregations 67 (2014)
Members 13,659 (2014)
Rite Episcopal
Cathedral Trinity Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Barry L. Beisner
Location of the Diocese of Northern California
Location of the Diocese of Northern California

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, created in 1910, is the diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America with jurisdiction over the northern part of California. It is in Province 8 and its cathedral, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, is in Sacramento, as are the diocesan offices.[1]

Current bishop[edit]

Barry Leigh Beisner is the seventh and current bishop of Northern California. He has a master's in divinity from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific and a master's of sacred theology from General Theological Seminary.[2]

List of bishops[edit]

The bishops of Northern California have been:[3]

  1. John Henry Ducachet Wingfield, (1874–1898), Missionary Bishop and first diocesan bishop
  2. William Hall Moreland, Missionary Bishop (1899), second diocesan bishop (1910–1933)
    Archie W. N. Porter, bishop coadjutor 1933
  3. Archie W. N. Porter, (1933–1957)
    Clarence Haden, bishop coadjutor 1957
  4. Clarence Haden, (1958–1978)
    Edward McNair, suffragan bishop (1968–1972)
  5. John L. Thompson, (1978–1991)
    Jerry A. Lamb, bishop coadjutor 1991
  6. Jerry A. Lamb, (1992–2006)
    Barry Leigh Beisner, bishop coadjutor 2006
  7. Barry Leigh Beisner, (2007–present)

List of significant parishes[edit]

  1. Faith Episcopal Church, Cameron Park, CA
  2. St Michael's Church and School Carmichael, CA
  3. St Martin's Episcopal Church Davis, CA
  4. Trinity Episcopal Church Folsom, CA
  5. St John's Episcopal Church Petaluma, CA
  6. All Saints' Episcopal Church Redding, CA
  7. St John's Episcopal Church and School Roseville, CA

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