Episcopal Diocese of Olympia

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Diocese of Olympia
Diocese of Olympia seal.gif.png
Ecclesiastical province Province VIII
Congregations 92 (2014)
Members 25,490 (2014)
Rite Episcopal
Cathedral St. Mark's Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop The Rt. Rev. Gregory Rickel
Location of the Diocese of Olympia
Location of the Diocese of Olympia

The Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, also known as the Episcopal Church in Western Washington, is a diocese of the Episcopal Church in Washington state west of the Cascade Range. It is one of 17 dioceses and an area mission that make up Province 8. The diocese started as a missionary district in 1853 and was formally established in 1910. It comprises 25,490 members in 92 congregations.

The name of the diocese refers to the region of "Olympia" and is not related to the state capital Olympia. The see city is Seattle, with St. Mark's, Seattle the cathedral church of the diocese. The diocese is led by the Right Reverend Greg Rickel, the 8th Bishop of Olympia.

Eighth bishop elected[edit]

On May 12, 2007, the Rev. Gregory Rickel, 43, rector of St. James' Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas, was elected 8th bishop of Olympia. He was elected on the third ballot with four others on the ballot, including Nedi Rivera, then the diocese's suffragan bishop. Rickel was confirmed by a majority of bishops with jurisdiction (mostly diocesan bishops) and standing committees, his consecration was on September 15, 2007 at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue.[1]

Previous bishops[edit]

St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Seattle
Eliza Ferry Leary House (a.k.a. Diocesan House), headquarters of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia

These are the bishops who have served the territory now known as the Diocese of Olympia:[2]

Missionary Bishops[edit]

Bishops of Oregon and Washington territories[edit]

  1. Thomas Fielding Scott (1854–1867)
  2. Benjamin Wistar Morris (1868–1880)

Bishops of Washington state[edit]

  1. John A. Paddock (1880–1894)
  2. William Morris Barker (1894–1901)
  3. Frederick W. Keator (1902–1910)

Diocesan Bishops[edit]

  1. Frederick W. Keator (1910–1924)
  2. S. Arthur Huston (1925–1947)
  3. Stephen F. Bayne, Jr. (1947–1960)
  4. William F. Lewis (1960–1964)
  5. Ivol Ira Curtis (1964–1976)
  6. Robert H. Cochrane (1976–1989)
  7. Vincent Waydell Warner, Jr. (1990–2007)
    Sanford Zangwill Kaye Hampton (Assisting)
    Bavi Edna Rivera, Suffragan Bishop (2006–2009)[3]
  8. Gregory Rickel (2007–present)

Huston Camp and Conference Center[edit]

The Diocese owns a summer camp located in Gold Bar, WA next to the Wallace Falls State Park. Director Bill Tubbs for the last 20 years has overseen operation of both the Conference and Summer Camp seasons.[4]

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