Episcopal Diocese of Springfield

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Diocese of Springfield
Diocese of Springfield seal.jpg
Ecclesiastical province Province V
Congregations 33 (2014)
Members 4,138 (2015)
Rite Episcopal
Cathedral Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Current leadership
Bishop Daniel Hayden Martins
Location of the Diocese of Springfield
Location of the Diocese of Springfield

The Episcopal Diocese of Springfield is a diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. It is located in the state of Illinois and includes the area east of the Illinois River and south of the Counties of Woodford, Livingston, Ford, and Iroquois. The diocese was founded when the former Episcopal Diocese of Illinois split into three separate Dioceses (Springfield, Quincy, and Chicago) in 1877.

The bishop, the Right Reverend Daniel Hayden Martins, was consecrated on 19 March 2011. He succeeded Peter Hess Beckwith, who had served since 1992.


Emmanuel Memorial
Chapel of St. John the Divine
Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Christ Church
St. Luke's


  1. George Franklin Seymour, 1878-1906
  2. Edward William Osborne, diocesan 1906-1917
  3. Granville Hudson Sherwood, 1917-1923
  4. John Chanler White, 1924-1947
  5. Richard T. Loring, 1947-1948
  6. Charles A. Clough, 1948-1961
  7. Albert Arthur Chambers, 1962-1972
  8. Albert W. Hillestad, 1972-1981
  9. Donald M. Hultstrand, 1982-1991
  10. Peter H. Beckwith, 1992-2010
  11. Daniel Hayden Martins, 2011–present


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