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Epitafio Cover.jpg
Single by Titãs
from the album A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos da Última Semana
B-side "Epitáfio" (acoustic version)
Released 2002
Genre Alternative rock, soft rock
Label Abril Music
Songwriter(s) Sérgio Britto
Producer(s) Jack Endino
Titãs singles chronology
"'A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos da Última Semana'"
"'O Mundo é Bão, Sebastião!'"
A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos da Última Semana
O Mundo é Bão, Sebastião!
Music video
"Epitáfio" on YouTube

"Epitáfio" is the fifteenth single by Titãs, released in 2002. It was included in the soundtrack of telenovela Desejos de Mulher. As a B-side, the single featured an acoustic version of the song. Unlike the whole band,[1] producer Jack Endino believed it could be a hit and was eventually proven right.[2]

The music video, featuring archive footage of the Titãs in their daily lives, won three awards at the MTV Video Music Brasil, including Viewer's Choice and Video of the Year.[citation needed]

In December 2014, by request of TV program Fantástico, the band recorded a new version of the track with verses suggested by the program's spectators. Each suggestion described something the person felt they should have done less in 2014 or that they intend to do more in 2015, keeping the original logic of the single.[3]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length Music
1 Epitáfio ("Epitaph") 2:56 Sérgio Britto

Cover versions[edit]


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